The digital era is shaped by smart startups which bring convenient services and innovative
products to a larger amount of people, as well as a border demographic
and, thus, democratized privileges that were not affordable for all people in the past.
Striving even closer to this goal, new arising services and products based on blockchain
shape the future to create a fair and better world.
With the rise of diverse blockchain-based services, products and businesses, people
are increasingly looking for purposeful options to earn valuable crypto tokens that
are relevant in the real world and which they can exchange for desired benefits. On
the Pumped App, users can earn the crypto network token named MulTra, which can
be depleted for those real life services and/or products. Pumped applies a revolutionary
multi-layered process to monetize content for publishers, while consumers
get paid for their natural user behavior. This becomes possible through new models
of value exchange built on blockchain technology, introducing the MulTra Token
The Pumped App establishes new content consumption habits and expectations. Instead
of communicating about content, the Pumped App enables users to communicate
through content – with two simple clicks. This brings a completely new culture of
communication alive. Independent from publishers, the in-built artificial intelligence
of the Pumped App hands consumers all the content they find interesting, personalized
on a silver platter. The Pumped App allows content consumers to increase
awareness on what they really want to see, while at the same time delivering them
out of the echo chamber of their own views, as experienced in the news feeds on
social media.
By definition of journalism and communication science, the amount of attention a
news story is given by the audience determines the news value. This implicates that,
besides the efforts of publishers regarding editorial work, layout and presentation,
the value of news content is primarily generated through the consumption of the
content by the audience. As a result, every content consumer always acts as a content
curator, creating the news value through consuming the news content according
to their personal interests.

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