ReposalNetwork – Anonymous Lending Platform

is an anonymous lending platform that started back in 2017. The platform gives members the opportunity to trade REPS and lend REPS. ReposalNetwork will pay you daily interest using 4 methods. This includes arbitrage, ICO investing, Chain Reaction Bot, Trade Bot. The platform is unique because it is completely anonymous and impossible to be taken down. You can request withdrawals and will be paid out in privacy coins!

The ReposalToken (REPS) is powered by the Ethereum blockchain. This makes it one of the fastest and safest tokens in the crypto space. Confirmation times most times take less than a few minutes. Currently, the team is developing the platform so you can later earn money using it. The Pre-ICO will start March 1 and will take 1 month. After that, REPS will open on external exchanges and you will be able to take your tokens or transfer them to the platform in order to start lending.

  • Type: ERC20
  • Max Supply: 21 Million
  • Decimals: 18
  • Name: ReposalToken (REPS)


ReposalToken Features

There are many lending platforms, so why should you choose for ReposalNetwork? The team has the best solutions for all the fud that is currently being spread about lending platforms.

Safe & Anonymous

The website is hosted by an offshore hosting provider, this makes ReposalNetwork and users anonymous and safe

Mobile Apps

ReposalNetwork will release an Android & IOS app at the given time on the roadmap


ReposalNetwork token is powered by the Ethereum Network, this makes ReposalToken one of the safest and fastest tokens

Privacy Coins

ReposalNetwork will pay out withdrawal requests using privacy coins: Monero, Dash, Verge, Zcash, and PIVX

Low Fees

ReposalNetwork offers one of the lowest fees on the market. The first month trading on the internal exchange will be free


ReposalNetwork thinks support is really important. After the ICO the team will hire and create a team of support staff




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