Any bank, payment system, online wallet has its own fee for funds transfer, for system maintenance and for currency conversion. When the first money changers, moneylenders, and Hawala brokers started to operate at the ancient oriental bazaars, they introduced the fees for their services. Nowadays this kind of fee is collected by bankers and the owners of money transfer systems who earn billions on the commission. This happens because there is no alternative, no any safe, secure and accessible system which allows transferring
funds from one country to another. AraneoBit team has created such an alternative! This service is a global P2P network where the users can transfer money abroad and skip the classical banking system. The project ensures the security of money transfers and gives the opportunity to save on fees and commission thanks to direct arrangements between the people. AraneoBit is a project devoted to bringing the evolution in money transfers between the countries. Watch the introduction to the project!

The stages of product development

The development and launch of AraneoBit product are divided into two stages:
First stage — from December 11, 2017, till June 30, 2018:
● no commission for a transfer;
● the price for information about the counter offer for a money transfer and joining
the private chat is $2 (the price of 1 Z-token);
● the distribution of orders is made with @Araneo chatbot in Facebook and
Telegram messengers (starting from January 2018 also in AraneoBit messenger in
test mode);
● AraneoBit system conducts free surveys and accrues bonuses in Z-Tokens to the
balance for submitting a survey.
Second stage — from July 1, 2018:
● no commission for a transfer;
● the price for information about the counter offer for token exchange is 1 Z-TOKEN;
● the transfers are made in Z-TOKENS;
● the distribution of orders is based on global net principle with AraneoBit
● creating an online store with the possibility to shop with the crypto certificate and with

ICO stages and Token description

Pre-sale  – 2700 ETH

Pre-ICO – 7000 ETH (LIVE NOW!)

ICO – 23000 ETH (07. 2018)

Media sources about the project


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