SBC PLATFORM – The world’s first automated ICO solution for Startups and SMEs

In the early 2000s, a global dot-com boom burst out, it was a phenomenon of explosive growth of startups, Internet startups and their full collapse. Since then the market has become much more mature: venture capital funds, industrial estates and accelerators have popped up. The tragedy of dot-coms was painful, albeit useful for the business.

Today we have a similar situation. The ICO rush has just begun. We see indiscriminate investment, failure of projects, inability to meet expectations, wrong business organization, poor services and business losing money in unfathomed waters. Amid such gloom and doom, the market has evolved towards maturity. Like 20 years ago, it has to come up with tools and methodologies aimed at lower risks and roll out
processes to start up businesses that really work. Despite frantic preparation and implementation of ICOs, the market of ICO projects is
still germinating. There is only a very general understanding of stepwise progress pattern and functionality of ICOs, their implementation procedure and an extremely unstable legal environment in different jurisdictions.

The problem has two solutions:
1. Increase the number of companies that offer ICO preparation services at affordable prices;
2. Create automated platforms that solve this problem professionally and faster.

Attempts to solve the problem using the first way have taken place in the last two years. The number of offers to prepare ICO increases every day, but the cost thereof remains unaffordable for small businesses. The quality of ICO preparation by providers of these services is often very doubtful due to their inadequate proficiency. The second way also does not guarantee the high quality of ICO preparation, but it plays a very important role by giving access for small and medium businesses to modern technologies; it also provides know-how on the competent preparation of a product to an ICO launch and allows to carry out crypto crowdfunding to raise adequate amounts
for launching small projects. The SBC platform is an attempt to solve these problems!

Project goals and objectives

SBC Service was created to provide services of ICO consulting and implementation of
blockchain technology in real economy sector.

This project addresses the following tasks of consumers:
— Significant saving of money at the ICO launch stage;
— Paperwork;
— Qualitative expert review, business analysis, sorting out technical and legal issues of
projects prior to ICO launch;
— high-quality visualization of the idea for potential project supporters;
— Marketing of the project;
— Search for backers.


— will improve the quality of ICO preparation;
— will help you analyze your own project in detail;
— will provide access to analytical databases;
— will give you an insight into basic concepts and trends of global blockchain market;
— will help you find crypto experts for your team;
— will give you an opportunity to consult with experts who will help you prepare your ICO.
The SBC Platform will introduce ICO industry standards, methodologies for evaluating both the projects and the ICOs based thereon, and will bring together blockchain experts via its website.

Service functions:

— Packaged solutions for typical business industries (online constructor);
— Online training in the client’s dashboard and obtaining new competencies;
— Strategic analysis of business development (system solutions);
— Information platform;
— advertising platform;
— search for interesting projects to support.

ICO and Bounty:
SBC Platform BOUNTY CAMPAIGN begins in April, 9th and will last until June, 27th with allocated budget of 200 231 SBCE.

The campaign includes 7 programs:
Referral program
Facebook program – 15%
Twitter program – 20%
Signature program – 20%
Translation program – 15%
Content Creation program – 15%
Telegram program – 10%
Ambassador program – 5%

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