TransCrypt – Blockchain based universal payment system

TransCrypt mission is to give everyone a tool to manage their future net worth. This amazing solution does not just simplify access to technology. By making cryptocurrency a means of daily payments on a mass market scale, the project contributes to the stability of the entire cryptocurrency sector.

Token Details

TSR tokens are intended for use in the TransCrypt ecosystem. TSR token holders will have a privileged status and will have the widest access to the functions of the TransCrypt ecosystem.

The owners of the tokens will be able to:
  • Create key nodes of the Tizer blockchain and get rewards for their work
  • Issue new coins
  • Propose and vote for plans for the development of the Tizer blockchain through the mechanism of decentralized voting
  • Buy and sell tokens on the exchange
  • Exchange a token at a fixed discount when buying physical shares of TransCrypt

Token Sale

  • Name        TSR
  • Exchange 1 TSR = 0.001ETH
  • Currency             ETH, BTC, $
  • Hard cap      10,000,000 TSR
  • Minimum amount    200 TSR
  • Pre-sale start   April 30, 2018
  • Pre-sale end    May 27, 2018


BOUNTY CAMPAIGN has a budget of 5.000.000 tokens and for the enthusiasts of crypto-community from all over the world!

Reward distribution:

Facebook – 15%
Twitter – 15%
Instagram – 5%
Signature – 25%
Content Creation – 20%
Telegram – 10%
Reddit – 5%
Translation & Moderation – 5%

‼All the rewards will be distributed after the end of the ICO‼


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