Auctionlance – Decentralized Freelancer Marketplace Built on Waves Blockchain Platform

Auctionlance is a decentralized freelancer marketplace built on Waves blockchain platform, which connects skilled freelancers with clients and employers from across the globe smartly.  The platform using Blockchain to eliminate racism, job cost, review fraud and provide lower pricing in the freelance and skill industry with embedded escrow system built on the Ethereum smart contract.

AUCT Token announces the Airdrop of 500 Auct Tokens to the First 50,000 Participants

We are super excited to inform everyone that we would be airdropping Auct Tokens to our supporters! To receive our Airdropped Auct Tokens, applicants must join our official Telegram Group and Channel, follow us and retweet one of our tweets on Twitter, and stay connected throughout our community building period.

How To Be Eligible for Airdrop?

1. Fill out the form below with a valid email address
2. Enter your Telegram username
3. Make sure you have joined our Telegram group and news channel
– Auct Token Telegram group
– Auct Token news channel 
4. Follow us on Twitter, retweet our pinned post.:
– Follow Auct Token on Twitter

5. Follow Auct Token on Medium:

6. Provide your Waves wallet address – (NEVER provide your Private Key).


500 Auct Tokens will be rewarded for successful entries.

Airdrop Form Direct Link


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