We started off as altcoin-enthusiasts in 2015 when Bitcoin was the only popular crypto coin available for wide auditory. However, recent remarkable investments in altcoins showed that there is a huge potential in this area once community will believe in the idea of having multiple coins for different applications.

Nowadays a vast amount of various groups try to develop their own products & platforms dedicated to the implementation of blockchain technology into the real-life applications. Our mission is to bring it all together and demonstrate the power of Altcoins, thus attracting the wide auditory into the cryptocurrency market. We report about all the opportunities – upcoming ICO crodwsales, bounty programs, and free airdrops. This encourages or inspires newcomers to participate in the market but allows the choice to rest with the individual interests. Our community has ambitious plans to further development of the platform and is fully committed to increasing the number of participants and partners that benefit both from the unique model of cooperation.